Customer Caller ID ( Windows Only ) customer caller id

Apollo Garage Manager has a Customer Caller ID feature.
An external device is connected to your main phone line and to your PC via USB port.

A Windows software running in the background will listen out for the phone to ring and when it does it links the phone number to your customer and automatically opens up the customer's page so you don't have to manually search while on the phone.

You could be missing out on business. All incoming calls are logged so if you receive any calls after closing time you can follow them up next day.


customer caller id

Please Note ! Requires an additional external USB device

What our customers say

Apollo Garage Manager is highly recommended by our company (Dainton Bros). The garage management software is easy to use and has completely streamlined our working practices. The package is a 'one stop shop' for electronic bills, reminders for customers and complete customer records etc.
Apollo's team provided very good training. They continued with support whenever we needed it. This package was very competitively priced and with the added support that the company provided it meant that it was much better value for money than others we had considered.
Gareth and Huw Dainton, Owners, Dainton Bros